October 2, 2008

What do Piper and Chandler have in common?

They both made cameos in my dream this morning.

Basically it went like this:

I was a seminar with Dr. John Piper attended by a full room of about 200 people. At some point he heard I was a worship leader and kindly asked if I knew that "new worship tune" about going back to the heart of worship.

I chuckled at Dr. Piper.

Without making him feel outdated (that song came out via Matt Redman circa '98), I told him I did. This pleased Dr. Piper very much. So, as I had now gained a bartering chip, I requested that I be able to tag along his next trip involving Matt Chandler. It's kind of a weird request, but that is what a said in my dream. Piper agreed, and I walked away with a worship melody in my head, and a victory in my heart.

End of story.


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