September 22, 2008

We need a title for Anchordown's new record...

Here's a list of a few album titles I thought of for Anchordown's next record coming out end of October-ish:

Get You There
Hearts Resound
The Missing Peace
Echo in My Heart
Not Far Off
In Its place

Ideas? Votes?



Kristine said...

'Get You There' or 'Not Far Off' seem to convey important themes... 'In Its Place' is pretty sharp, too.

Cheb said...

I'd have to listen to the album to see how the title fits thematically, but The Missing Peace was my gut instinct.

Layton said...

1 vote for 'get you there'

Danny Daley said...

depending on the exact meaning, the missing piece is the dopest by far. its score solid awesome.