November 23, 2011

Why Creativity is Hard to Find in the Church

Four years ago I made a video to request some of our church attenders to switch services. It is seen below.

The first copycat I ever was sent was the video below. The notes indicate that they admit they stole the idea.

Then they started popping up all over, mostly for men's retreats. I don't particularly care, as I didn't contract our Gerard Butler to make the first one, but I can't help but feel that part of what is wrong with creativity in the church can be summarized below. (this is a SMALL sampling)

At our church, this kind of thing happens a lot. We recently received a request from a church on the east coast to purchase some of our artwork (both physical and digital) from the last teaching series. We're sending them the full graphics package for free.

I wish Christians weren't known for this sort of thing. I wish Christian bookstores weren't chock full of rip-off goods that tell people we should just copy culture and add a cheesy tagline. I think we can do better.


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