March 2, 2009

Pauline Observations

I've been reading an epistle an evening recently...

Here's what I've done so far:
-1 Thessalonians
-2 Thessalonians

It's funny the things you notice when you read Paul's letters to the churches back to back. My 2 most prominent observations:

1. Laziness is bad. Especially in the church. Love this one. Especially given the amount of people that complain about the church but clearly have no interest in being part of the solution. I need more patience with these kinds of people. I need repentance for the times I do the same.

2. The people you invest in and help grow in the faith are your "crown of glory" before God. It's like the ultimate sign of authentic faith, is the works of God in your life contagiously healing/restoring/saving another. God still gets the glory and we get to offer a great gift to our heavenly Father; the investment of our heart for Him in the heart of another.

I dig it.


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