December 31, 2008

Generational Reflection

I was reading in Genesis today and it got me thinking about ministry life cycle. How younger pastors typically behave one way and older ones another. Generalizations sure, but hard to argue.

What I find interesting is the common differences in purpose of ministry. Primarily, the difference between charging forward for the Kingdom as He allows and empowers vs. minimizing your losses and shielding your assets. Their is wisdom in some sort of balance but I am not old enough to know where. I am old enough however, to delve into this concept in the Scriptures.

When Jacob and Esau are about to reconvene, Jacob splits his livestock and people into two groups so that if Esau attacks, one group will have enough time to get away. He wanted to minimize damages.

As I read those words, I was reminded of the great business writer, Jim Collin's assessment of successful organizations; that the greatest enemy of "great" is "good". That many will never become great because good is simply "good enough". I hope that I remain faithful to whatever God calls me to for however many days He has granted me, and that I will be wary of the side-roads of comfort, ease, and security.

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