August 19, 2008


This fine day is dedicated to keys: rhodes, piano, pads, organs, and the like.

Chase is cranking them out like a printing press. The next part more amazing than the last. The sheer width of the wall of sound is just lovely.

"Brown Bag" is an amazing lunch establishment that I recommend highly. Genius idea for ordering too. See picture below.

Taylor paid us a visit and heard our tunes for the first time.

Brennen left to go on a walk and a long time later we decided it had been too long so we sent out a search party. They found Brennen in her natural habitat...a downtown shop. Anyway, here is some shots from the ol' box of fun.

Chase and I discussing keys.

Head honcho pow wow.

Aaron, Brennen, and Tim listening in.

DZ trying some keys options.

Taylor rocking the hat and the guitar.

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