June 4, 2008

Creative Elements June 1st, 2008

This weekend was very special for Living Stones.

The purpose of the night was to recast the vision and recommit to the NOW project -- the building project of Grace Church & Living Stones. To express this commitment in a tangible way, we placed the baptismal in the lobby to stand as the landing place of every one's commitment cards.

The inside...
First, we placed several stringed lights at the bottom of the baptismal. Then we proceeded to climb inside amongst all the hot and fragile glass bulbs to staple a linen cloth half way down the inside the baptismal walls. Kristine and her dancing fancy foot-work was at its best! The illumined cloth brought the floor of the baptismal up about 2 feet so that those who threw in their commitment cards could see them fall in amongst the rest. This was done in order to show how their commitment, along with commitments of the rest of the community, were an intricate part of bringing about an overall unified vision for the church.

The outside...
The hall lighting in the middle of the lobby area is dim, so in order to bring more light to the area we used candles on the baptismal steps and on both sides of the outer walls. Of course, the lighting on the inside helped, too, and we were able to illuminate the hallway.

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