March 28, 2008

Easter Project 1: Adam vs. Jesus

So the basic idea behind this one was to visually represent the differences between our life in Adam, and our life in Christ. We bought OGB particle board from Home Depot. It's about 8 bucks a sheet...very cheap. Then we traced my friend Dave, and jigsawed out the figures, leaving a foot or so on the bottom as a stand.

We sanded the sharp edges a bit, then we painted the wood a primer white so the images would have a smoother surface to stick to. Got the paint off of the "returned paint rack" at Home Depot. That rack is a true treasure-finding-spot. Use it.

Then we hit Flikr and some amateur photography sites with creative commons licenses (so that we could use the images legally) and found pictures portraying pain, hurting, hunger, death etc...The images were in some cases placed for content, and others for form/shape.
The Adam chest shot:

And then pictures of new life, hope, joy, peace, light, etc...Again form was considered. Notice the sunrise that becomes a ribcage/inside edge of the arm.
The Jesus chest shot.

That's all. As a sidenote, Wal-mart does some pretty good/cheap finished photos for these sort of things. The images come out better than most color printers, and have a nice matte sheen. Lastly, I thought I would include a picture of my favorite Creative Team contributors.

(From right to left:) Kristine, Liz, and Dwight.

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